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Bittersweet - Malaysian Independent Band

Formed in mid-July, Bittersweet began its life quite entirely by accident as a mere meeting up of its two founding members to talk of music. Deciding to combine their dedication and love for the same genres to produce a dual effort, both members decided to form a band, taking advantage of the fact that Zabil being on holiday would allow them some time to record an EP. Their passion for music is evident in the fact that recording took place after only a few days of rehearsals with acoustic guitars at home. Limited time didn’t allow for a thorough search for a complete line-up though, and none was found in time for the recording which was possible through Herry’s expertise with the drums and Zabil’s proficiency in bass. Their maiden effort almost finished, the bandmates found a keyboardist in the form of Emay who promptly agreed to provide the necessary assistance to conclude the recording. With the final touches completed, the EP was handed over to Aidil of band Couple who gave it a listen and arranged for the band to be under their current label, Petprojects. The name Bittersweet was inspired by 'the verve' song ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

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Bittersweet - Capital E


YOUsoF said...

Aku penah sekali tengok diorang perform live kt Bukit Jalil mase tu. Terbaek!! ;D

Studio88 Territory said...

apa yg penting kepuasan crowd2 kt sne. hehe

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