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Plague Of Happiness - Malaysian Independent Band

Plague of Happiness is one of very known Punk Rock and Ska band in Malaysia. They officially started in 1998. They have released severals of EP’s and Demo before this. Their songs basicly influenced by Rancid, Operation Ivy, and Kemuri(Japan). Check out this link for their discography. For me, Plague of Hapiness songs is more to friendship theme. It is really differ compare to other bands that likely write love songs only. Well, give a try to your ear for them. Checkout their myspace: to get know about them. They also currently released their latest EP last year called “KAWAN”.

Dont forget to buy their. Keep rocking Plague of Happiness !!

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p/s: Song that listed below just for review purpose only. Please support our local music industry and buy their ORIGINAL album at the store.
All downloading process is at your own risk.

Plague Of Happiness - Kawan


Anonymous said...

camne aku nk dptkn material dr korang?

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